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The Complete STANLEY KUBRICK Exhibit at LACMA – » Stanley Kubrick at LACMA: Killer’s Kiss

Killer’s Kiss (1955)

In “Killer’s Kiss,” Kubrick revisits the violent figure of the boxer. Here the main character becomes involved with his neighbor, a taxi dancer, who is being pursued by her boss. Photographed largely on the streets of New York without permits, the film includes a stunning rooftop chase scene, a sensational vérité-style fight sequence, and a wacky shootout in a mannequin factory. These scenes would come to be imitated by other directors. The film adds a dimension of pathos to its characters’ desperation by interlocking their fates.

Kubrick’s second wide, Ruth Sobotka, designed the sets and performed as a ballet dancer in the film.

“’Killer’s Kiss’ might prove that when a director is born, the photographer doesn’t necessarily die. The only distinction I would claim for it is that, to the best of my belief, no one at the time had ever made a feature film in such amateur circumstances and then obtained worldwide distribution for it.” – Stanley Kubrick

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