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The Complete STANLEY KUBRICK Exhibit at LACMA – » Kubrick and “A.I. Artificial Intelligence” – Chris Baker, Fangorn

Fangorn (Christopher Baker)
England, born 1960

Chris Baker produced the drawings exhibited here on for “A.I. Artificial Intelligence.” Having written a screenplay based on the British science-fiction writer Brian Aldiss’ short story “Super Toys Last All Summer Long,” Kubrick brought in Baker to storyboard the film at the suggestion of bookseller Ken Slater. Although Baker had never worked in film before, he and Kubrick were great collaborators. Said Kubrick: “I pitch something to Chris and he comes back a week later with [everything] all perfectly drawn. He never runs out of ideas.”

Baker was also the concept designer for Tim Burton’s “Corpse Bride” (2005). His artwork graces the cover of many children’s books, including the “Redwall” series by Brian Jacques.

Baker was born on August 17, 1960 in Birmingham, England.

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