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Film as Art – Week 05 – Modulating Conflict, Assignment 5

Film as Art

Week 05 – Modulating Conflict, Assignment 5

Michael McVey

March 11, 2010

III. Write script – a scene that places three characters in a situation of modulated conflict. Resolve the scene in three pages.

Interior.  Police Interrogation Room.  Night.

Detectives Bobby Milbauer and Meg Cosimano look through a two-way mirror at their suspect, Dr. Terry Turco.  Turco sits handcuffed to a table.

Milbauer: He looks like a f**king golf pro.

He notices Cosimano is occupied with a monitoring camera, she drops the video tape.

Cosimano: Dammit.

Milbauer:  Hey.  The tape goes IN the camera.

Cosimano:  Shut up Bobby.

Milbauer:  Will you hurry up and get that thing rolling?

Milbauer chugs his third cup of coffee, cracks his knuckles, and shadowboxes.

Cosimano:  I’m going to stay out here.

Milbauer:  You sure?  Suit yourself.  How do I look?

Cosimano:  Like you’ve been juicing.

Milbauer:  Like a goddamn BEAST!

Milbauer kicks open the interrogation room door.  Cosimano looks on behind the glass.

Milbauer:  DOCTOR DEATH!  How are you?

Turco:   Lawyer.

Milbauer closes the door.  He throws several pictures across the table.

Milbauer:  My understanding is that your lawyer is on his way.  In the meantime, why don’t we answer a few questions about the three women you murdered in cold blood.

Turco:  Lawyer.

Cosimano watches through the two-way mirror.

Milbauer:  So you’re a headshrink.  That’s not really a doctor.   You do the…uh… ink blots… Roryshards…  Worshacks…   I’m wondering, Doctor…

Milbauer singles out a photo from the strewn pile and holds it up to Turco’s face.

Milbauer:  …Can you tell me what the little blood patterns in this photo look like to you?

Milbauer points to a picture of a young woman, her throat slit.  There is blood everywhere.

Turco:  Third time’s a charm, detective.

Milbauer explodes with rage, right in Turco’s face.

Milbauer:  What the f**k did you just say?

Turco:  That was the third question you asked me.  Call me superstitious, but now I feel obligated to answer you.

Turco cocks his head, examining the photo.  He looks at the mirror from the corner of his eye.  Cosimano holds her breath.  It’s as if he senses her.

Turco:  I see the warm embrace of a lover.  Where’s your partner detective?

Milbauer:  My partner is getting your cage ready, Doctor.  Why don’t you tell me more about this picture?  She sure was a pretty patient.

Turco:  Not as pretty as your partner.  Where is she?

Again, Turco looks at the mirror.

Milbauer: Over here f**k-o.  Let’s try to answer the question, or do I have to ask it a different way?

Turco:  Did she tell you about us?

Cosimano turns off the camera.  She storms into the interrogation room and locks eyes with Turco.

Turco:  Hello Megan.

Milbauer:  How the f**k do you know her name?

Cosimano pulls out her gun.  She stares down Turco as she cautiously walks over to him.

Milbauer:  Megan what are you doing?

Turco and Cosimano stare each other down.

Turco:  She’s about to get rough.  She likes it rou—

Cosimano bludgeons Turco on the head with her gun.  He falls out of the chair, limply hanging by his handcuffed wrists.  Milbauer grabs the gun from her hand.  They struggle, and he restrains her.  He puts the gun down on the table.

Milbauer:  Jesus, Meg what the f**k!  The tape!

Cosimano:  It’s off.

Milbauer checks Turco.

Milbauer:  He’s out cold.  F**k.  f**k…

Cosimano:  I can explain.

Milbauer:  It’s a little f**king late for that!  We’re gonna get burned for this sh*t!  This f**ker is gonna walk Meg!  How the hell are we gonna explain this!  Why the hell did you do that?  This a**hole has a degree in headf**king!  You can’t believe his bullsh*t.

Milbauer props the unconscious Turco up in his chair.  He gets blood on his shirt.

Cosimano:  Listen we have to get him out of here.

Milbauer:  We’re not going anywhere Meg.   This is a f**king murder suspect with ties to all three victims.  And you just f**ked any chance of putting this guy away.

Cosimano:  Just uncuff him Bobby.

Milbauer:  What the hell are you talking about?

Cosimano:  He didn’t kill the third girl.

Milbauer: Great work detective.  And how the f**k do you know this?

Cosimano picks her gun up off the table.  She circles Milbauer and Turco.

Cosimano:  He was with me the night of the third murder.

Milbauer:  Meg—

Cosimano suddenly clobbers Milbauer with her gun.  He drops to the floor, unconscious.  She steps over him to get to Turco.  She slaps him in the face.  He comes to.  Her face comes into focus.

Turco:  Ow.

Cosimano puts the gun to Turco’s head.

Cosimano:  We’re walking out the front door, and you’re going to take me to your friend.

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