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Film as Art – Week 03 Dramatic Action Through Pictures, Assignment 3

Film as Art
Week 03 Dramatic Action Through Pictures, Assignment 3
Michael McVey

February 16, 2010

Glengarry Glen Ross

IV. Pick one scene. Answer the questions:

What does the character want?
What does he or she do to get it?
What prevents him or her from getting it?
List the shots in the scene.

Describe the shots in the scene:

1. Shot size, any camera movement, a description of the action occurring in the shot.
2. Next shot.
3. Next shot.
And so on, describing every shot in the scene.

Glengarry Glen Ross: Ricky Roma (Al Pacino) closes a deal which puts his monthly numbers over the top, winning him a Cadillac. He goes to work the morning after making a decisive deal, only to find his office has been robbed. Essential paperwork is stolen, including the new Glengarry leads, jeopardizing Roma’s livelihood and chances at the prize Cadillac.

What does the character want?

Roma wants the prize Cadillac, which he feels he deserves. He wants assurances from his bosses that he will get it. He wants his commission from the closed deals, and he wants accountability from the company. Finally, he wants new leads, leads that extend his ability to earn.

What does he or she do to get it?

Roma interrupts a police interrogation, prioritizing his concerns over the investigation. He demands to know if the robbers stole his contracts. Office manager Williamson (Kevin Spacey) assures Roma that the critical James Lingk Contract is secure. Roma badgers Williamson; having met the company’s terms, Roma feels he is owed the Cadillac.

Roma attempts contacting Lingk to verify their contract, but can only reach Lingk’s secretary.

Roma consoles his co-worker, George (Alan Arkin). Roma needs to re-close his smaller contracts to secure his standing, but his phone contacts have been stolen. Roma is uncertain how he will continue to work with no leads or contacts.

Williamson provides Roma with older, ineffective leads. Roma rejects one of them as useless. He attempts to go and close his lost contracts, but Williamson assures him it is not necessary. Roma badgers Williamson for new leads.

What prevents him or her from getting it?

The office robbery prevents Roma from securing the Cadillac. His existing contracts have been stolen, and he fears the company won’t reward him the prize. He wants confirmation of his contracts’ security, but the police investigation prevents immediate conversation with Williamson. Roma tries to contact Lingk, but cannot get through. Roma wants to re-close his smaller contracts, but his telephone contacts have been stolen. Roma wants the new Glengarry leads, but they have been stolen too. Roma wants new leads, but Williamson only provides him with “deadbeat” leads.

Describe the shots in the scene:

1. Establishing Shot/Medium Wide Tracking Shot into Two Shot, Exterior: Camera follows Roma’s exit from car into interior of Premiere Properties.

All shots now interior.

2. Wide Tracking Shot, Dolly into Medium Shot: Roma enters office, bursts into Williamson’s room.

3. Two Shot, Medium Close-up: Roma interrupts Williamson.

4. Medium Shot, Dolly out: Williamson walks Roma out of office and closes door.

5. Three Shot, Medium Close-up, Dolly out of office: Williamson, Police investigator and Roma converse. Cut back and forth between shots 4 and 5.

6. Medium Close-up Tracking into a Two Shot: Camera tracks Roma, circles and settles on Williamson and Roma’s conversation, Williamson in foreground.

7. Medium Close-up Two-shot, Static: Williamson converses with Roma, Roma in foreground. Cut back and forth between shots 6 and 7.

8. Wide Shot, Tracking Shot into Medium Close-up: Camera tracks Roma across the room to his desk, small crane up.

9. Medium Close-up, Static: Williamson talks.

10. Medium Wide to Medium, Tracking shot: Roma walks across room.

11. Medium Close-up, Tilt down: Roma tears poster off the wall.

12. Medium Wide Shot, Static: Williamson and Police Investigator observe, Williamson walks away, slight pan left.

13. Medium Close-up: Roma throws out poster while yelling at Williamson.

14. Medium Wide to Medium Close-up, Dolly in: Camera pushes in on Police Investigator.

15. Wide Static Two Shot: Roma in foreground, Police Investigator looms in background.

16. Medium Shot, Static: George sits and observes.

17. Cut back to shot 15, camera tracks Roma Medium Close-up as he calls Lingk. Camera pans right, then tilts down, keeping Roma center frame. Cut back to shot 16, George speaks.

18. Medium Close-up: Roma listens. Cut back to shot 16.

19. Medium Shot, Static: Police Investigator speaks to Roma.

20. Close-up, Static: Roma moves into frame and answers Police Investigator. Cut back and forth between shots 19 and 20.

21. Medium Shot, Dolly into Office: Police Investigator returns to Williamson’s room, camera pushes in and follows, panning left to reveal Moss being questioned. The door closes. Cut back to shot 18 for Roma’s reaction. Cut to shot 16, George stands.

22. Medium Shot, Static: Roma sits at his desk.

23. Two Shot, Static: George in background talks to Roma. Cut back and forth between shots 22 and 23 as Roma and George talk.

24. Medium Shot into Two Shot: George sits next to Roma at his desk. They converse.

25. Close-Up: George talks to Roma.

26. Close-up: Roma talks to George. Cut back and forth between 25 and 26.

27. Wide Tracking Shot into Two Shot, Dolly left: Roma gets up to leave. Williamson stops him.

28. Medium Close-up: Roma responds to Williamson.

29. Wide Two Shot: Roma in foreground, Williamson in background. Cut back and forth between shot 28 and 29. The Wide Two Shot dollies right, tracking Roma and Williamson. Williamson leaves the shot, camera continues tracking Roma.

30. Medium Two Shot: Roma walks over to George at his desk. Roma in foreground. They converse.

31. Reverse Medium Two Shot: George in foreground. They converse. Cut back and forth between shots 30 and 31. Roma walks around desk in shot 30, camera tracks him Medium Close-up.

32. Medium Two Shot, Small Crane up, Dolly left: Roma walks around his desk and sits. Camera tracks him, keeping him center frame.

33. Medium Two Shot: Roma sits, George in background, converses.

34. Reverse Medium Two Shot, slow Dolly in: Roma sits in background, George in foreground. They converse. The camera slowly pushes in.

35. Medium Two Shot, Dolly left: Roma sits, George responds to questioning. Camera in constant motion. Cut back to shot 34, which begins to circle right.

36. Medium Close-up, Static: George responds to Roma.

37. Medium shot, Dolly right: Roma sits conversing with George. Cut back and forth between shots 36 and 37. Shot 37 finally pans left into a two-shot with George in the foreground.

38. Medium Shot, Static: Williamson walks towards Roma’s desk.

39. Medium Wide Shot: Williamson’s arm hands Roma leads while George sits. Cut back to shot 38, Williamson now walking away, pauses, turns. Cut back and forth between 38 and 39.

40. Medium Shot, Dolly in: George leaves shot, camera pushes in on Roma as he badgers Williamson. Cut back and forth between shots 38 and 40. George enters into shot 38, which becomes a Two Shot. Continue cutting between 38 and 40.

End Scene.

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