Repository for the projects of Michael McVey, filmmaker.

She Makes Me

Here’s a fine example of how overrated my job is. When I showed up to this session at Kipp Studios, Mr. Kipp had already written and recorded these reeeeediculous drum tracks. He was half expecting me to drop the lot out, but I didn’t touch a thing. (Well, no, that’s not exactly true, I did a bit of editing and added a few keyboards, but all in all this is mix is how I found it).  I am particularly fond of the goofy synths that pop up towards the end – we’re the new Mannheim Steamrollers baby!

But seriously, any monkey who can fling poo at a keyboard can make Kipp percussion sound awesome.  Here is Willy Wiley’s “She Makes Me,” including an instrumental version:



Joe really taps into the elusive “universal core” with this chorus. Show me a red-blooded hetero male creative who doesn’t immediately identify with these verses, and I’ll show you a Communist. Wait, that doesn’t make any sense. Perhaps if I go back and delete what I just wrote – TOO LATE… POSTED!


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