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Luna Roja

LUNA ROJA – RECORDED AND EDITED. Last night, I went over to the residence of Mister Justin Earl Kipp and Miss Jenn Taranto for a recording session. On the chopping block: Willy Wiley’s Luna Roja.

Justin’s sweet setup (freshly minted ProTools) is a Candyland for studio musicians. Instead of getting into trouble last night, we recorded and edited this:

LUNA ROJA by Willy Wiley, 2009

Luna Roja Instrumental Track – Willy Wiley

I’ve included one track with vocals and one instrumental track for download.

This was almost a throwaway Willy Wiley song – Joe Heimers wrote the it from experiences he had in Spain. I’m very fortunate that both he and Justin are incredibly flexible when it comes to how I record and edit their songs… Originally, they wanted a big drum sound tambourine – a different direction. But I wanted more melon-collie, so I edited this sort of Ottmar Liebert via Pink Floyd Meddle (I was sure to include all my bad film score tendencies). Editing a song is an interesting process – it’s EXTREMELY similar to editing a film. And boy do I love editing…

I think Joe’s vocals sound better when he sings the lower scales with a few harmonies. Justin is a musical wellspring, and fleshed out the song with loads of grade-A material. Joe is learning how valuable the scissors in editing – he was willing to cut an entire chorus to give the piece a little more breathing room. My friends understand that the whole is more important than any one part – it’s an important lesson, and I’m lucky to work with people who get that.


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